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December 01, 2012
PC Peregrinato Launched Succesfully.



















































Hey Welcome !!

Get access to desktop's computer and use your favourite programs from distance. You can control mouse, keyboard (with functional keys and keyboard shortcuts), multimedia, presentation and power controls

 Peregrinato is a computer software that enables your computer to be accessed from a remote location, tasks may done by a Text message or Email message (in prescribed format*) and by a Android device . Device needs bluetooth connection and our android application .

This mode gives quite a wider access to PC and enables use of android device as complete controlling of your PC . By this way you can use your android device as a keyboard , touch pad or even monitor.


How to get started

1. On Your Computer

Download an appropriate server to your PC. The server allows to connect the

PC and a client (our applications) each other. It identifies client's requests and carries out particular operations using own algorithms.

Necessary requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or Higher

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit, 64-bit)


2. On Your Android

The application in your Android mobile through which you can control the computer. It contains touchpad, keyboard, combinations of the most popular programms (e.g: Windows Media Player, MS PowerPoint, OO Impress) and more.

Comparision with other Remote Apps

Other BT Remote
Remote PC
PC Peregrinato
Full version
BasIc Control true true
Bluetooth Connection true true
SMS Based Control false true
User Customized Remotes false true
Keyboard Shortcuts false true
Windows Media Player (Fully Sync) false true
Presentation Remote( Fully Sync) false true
Dual Server and Client false true